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Uploading App Templates - Automation Suite 2022.10
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Last updated Sep 21, 2023

Uploading App Templates


To enable developers to create process apps from app templates, these app templates must be made available in Process Mining (Automation Suite). This page describes how to upload app templates in Process Mining (Automation Suite).

Process Mining App Template Upload Tool

The Process Mining App Template Upload .zip file contains the The is a bash script that allows you to upload Process Mining app templates inside the Process Mining deployment in Automation Suite. It connects to the Kubernetes cluster to obtain the signing key for the app registry API. The app templates, which is a .zip file is uploaded to the app registry using the signing key for authentication.


The environment where you use the Process Mining App Template Upload tool must be able to run a bash script and have the following tools:

  • kubectl configured with a connection to the cluster;
  • jq 1.6

It is assumed that you have:

  • an Automation Suite environment with Process Mining installed;
  • access to the Kubernetes cluster is needed via the kubeconfig file;
  • access to the cluster;
  • the Cluster.config file downloaded on the cluster machine you are going to use to upload the app templates.

Uploading an App Template

Follow these steps to make an app template available in Process Mining (Automation Suite).

  1. Go to your UiPath Customer portal and download the .zip package for the app template for your process and source system that you want to upload to Process Mining (Automation Suite).
    Note: Consult your UiPath contact if you need access to the UiPath Customer portal.
  2. Download and extract the Process Mining App Template Upload utility.
  3. Run the in the shell script where you have kubectl set up.

    Use the following arguments.




    The name and location of the downloaded app template .zip file.


    The process app type of the app template. Use the first part of the name of the .zip file. For example, uipath.o2c.


    The version of the app template. Use the second part of the name of the .zip file. For example, 1.2.5.


    To upload the app template and make it available on all tenants in Process Mining (Automation Suite).

    Note the global argument can be omitted when the tenant argument is specified.

    tenant The ID of the tenant to publish the app template. This is optional if the argument global is used.
    insecure This option connects to the cluster without validating the SSL certification. Note: using this option the connection won't be secure.


./ --file ./ --type uipath.o2c --version 1.2.5 --global

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