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Last updated 23 févr. 2024


The table below shows the activities available in the Form.Activities package version 23.4.3 or higher.
Show FormDisplays a form.
Close formCloses a form.
Get Form ValuesRetrieves the values of form components at runtime.
Set Form ValuesChanges the values of a form at runtime.
Change Form PropertiesChanges form properties at runtime, such as form state, position and size.
Run Form ScriptExecutes custom JavaScript inside a specific form.
Bring Form to ForegroundBrings a certain form, or even form instance to front.
Form trigger activityTriggers a workflow based on events inside the form, such as minimize form, click button, among others.

Best practice

If you have multiple forms running simultaneously, we recommend you to give each form a unique Instance Name. This prevents accidentally using the same form for different workflows.

  • Best practice
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