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UiPath Automation Cloud™ Guide

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User Options

The user menu is available from any page and you can access it by clicking the icon with your initials in the top-left corner of the screen. In this menu you can find options to customize the interface for yourself, as well as the sign out option.


Selecting the User Language

By default, the language selected for your organization applies to the user interface. But you can choose a different language for the user interface for yourself.

To change the language of the user interface, open the user menu from the the top-left corner of any page and select the desired language from the language sub-menu:

The sub-menu shows (a) the current language, (b) other supported languages for the current page, and (c) languages that are not yet supported on the current page, which are shown as grayed out.

When a page is not available in the selected language, the localization defaults to English.

For details about the supported languages across our products, see Localization Support.


Selecting the Theme

By default, Automation Cloud pages are displayed in light theme. But you can choose to switch to the dark theme, which is more comfortable on the eyes in a dark ambiance.

To change the theme of the user interface, open the user menu from the the top-left corner of any page and select the desired theme from the theme sub-menu:



Auto select theme

The theme of Automation Cloud is automatically set to light or dark theme according to your current Windows theme setting.

Dark theme

All Automation Cloud pages display in dark theme, if available. 1
If dark theme is not available for a service, the page displays in light theme, but dark theme is used whenever possible.

Light theme

This is the default setting.

1 Dark theme is currently available for Automation Cloud (Cloud Portal), Orchestrator, Actions and Processes, Data Service, Document Understanding, Automation Hub, AI Center, and Insights, with more coming soon.


Signing Out

To sign out from your current Automation Cloud organization, open the user menu from the top-left corner of any page and select Sign out:

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User Options

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