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Last updated Nov 24, 2023

Switching to different licensing

Customizing your subscription

You can increase or decrease the number of licenses in your existing plan at any time by customizing the license quantities.


If you are adding licenses, note that we do not ask for card information as part of this process. We charge the card that you already have on file for renewing your subscription.

If you want to use a different payment method, before proceeding with these instructions, follow the instructions in Changing your payment method to add a new payment option and set it as default.

To change license quantities for your subscription:

  1. Go to Admin > Organization > Licenses.
  2. In the panel at the top of the page, click Update license quantity:


    The Update license quantity button can be temporarily unavailable. See the FAQs section below for more information.

    The Update license quantity page opens.

  3. Adjust the values in the Quantity column for each license type.

    After you've made your changes, the Order summary panel on the right updates to reflect the associated costs:

    For more information, see Renewal date and pro-rating, License decrease, and Reading the order summary further down on this page.

  4. When you are ready to order, select the checkbox under the order summary and then click Confirm change to place your order.
    Note: We are charging the default payment method that you have on file for subscription renewal.

    After the payment completes successfully, an order confirmation message is displayed.

  5. Click Go to Automation Cloud to return to the Licenses page.

    A Purchase success dialog box is displayed.

  6. Click OK to close the message.

On the Licenses page, your plan status is updated.

  • If you added more licenses, they are now available for use. You can now proceed to assign your new licenses.

  • If you reduced the number of licenses, the Upcoming bill value is updated according to your changes. A banner is displayed along the top, indicating that you have pending licensing changes and when it applies:

Switching to a custom licensing plan

You can upgrade from the Pro plan to the Enterprise plan to add more licensing capabilities to your current licensing plan, as needed. Our full commercial offering is available on the UiPath Licensing page. The SKUs on the Flex Plan tab are applicable for Automation Cloud.

Please contact Sales for purchasing an Enterprise licensing plan and customizing your plan.

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