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Last updated Nov 24, 2023

Configuring the firewall

This page lists the domains used by Automation Cloud and our other cloud services. You can use this information to compile an allow list for UiPath software in the configuration of your company's perimeter network.

In the event that your company restricts access to only allowed websites, you must allow accessing the necessary domains based on the UiPath products you use and the scenarios per product that you use. If you do not allow access to the required domains, Automation Cloud may not function as intended.

Automation Cloud Portal


Domains to Allow

Sign in with basic authentication,,

Sign in with Microsoft,,,,,

Sign in with Google,,,,,

Sign in with LinkedIn,,,,,,

Sign in with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD),,,

Sign in with UiPath Assistant (basic email)


For events related to signing in with basic authentication:,,

Sign in with UiPath Studio (basic email), *,,

For events related to signing in with basic authentication:,,

Issuing the certificate for the site


Module or Functionality

Domains to Allow

UiPath Orchestrator,,


Azure storage: *

Amazon AWS storage (only required when using buckets of type Amazon; otherwise, optional): *

Package and library feeds

(library, tenant processes, and others)

Azure SignalR


AI Center

Module or Scenario

Domains to Allow

AI Center


Identity Server






Upload files

Third-party Services



Static Assets,,,,,,,,,,,

Navigate to AI Center



OpenId configuration,,,,,,, blob:,,,,,,,,

Automation Ops


Domains to Allow

Navigate to the Automation Ops page (policy list),,,,,,,,,,

Create product policy,,,

Refresh policies, tenant list, groups, groups list, users,

or delete tenant deployment,

or upload policy,

or delete policy,

or remove group,

or change product default version (Settings page)

Edit or duplicate a policy,,

Open the Deployment tab (tenant list),

For retrieving tenants:

Deploy policy to tenant (per license / product),,

Display group or user deployment,

or edit group or user policy deployment,

or add new user or new group *,

or remove user,



Domains to Allow

Navigate to Apps,,,,,

Create apps, or

create apps via import,

or add or delete process,

Export, clone, share, delete, edit, or publish an app

Run or preview

an app,,,,,

Click on Processes

or Create rule

Bind process,,

General or Permission

Create or delete a page,

or create or delete History,

Process Mining

Module or Scenario Domains to Allow
Identity Server
Static assets,,,,

Azure SignalR *
Upload files *
LaunchDarkly Feature Flags,,
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