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Last updated Nov 24, 2023

Purchasing a plan

New customers

If you have not signed up for Automation Cloud yet:

  1. Go to .
  2. Click Buy now for the license bundle you want.
  3. Follow the on-screen directions that walk you through creating a UiPath account (required), creating your Automation Cloud organization, and take you through the purchasing process.

Within minutes, you can log in to your new Automation Cloud organization, readily licensed with your selected plan.


If you would like to customize the quantities for the included licenses, you can do so from within Automation Cloud, but you must sign up first. To sign up, go to - it only takes a few moments.

After you've signed up, follow the instructions in the Existing customers section below.

This option is not available if your organization is in the Japan region.

Existing customers

  1. Go to Admin and, if not already selected, click your organization at the top of the panel on the left.
  2. Select Licenses.

    The Licenses page for the organization opens.

  3. In the top right of the page, click Buy Now.

    The Plans and Pricing page opens.

    For more information about each of the included licenses, hover your mouse over the info icon or more link:

  4. Choose one of our payment plans to get started:
    • With the Annual Payment Plan, you can pay for an entire year's worth of service upfront at a discounted rate, and your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of the year.
    • With the Monthly payment plan, you will be billed once a month at a fixed rate, and you can cancel or modify your subscription at the end of each monthly interval.
  5. Review the available licensing plans to find the right one for you:
    • The Automation Developer and Unattended Automation columns are for pre-packaged starter plans that we have put together to suit basic automation needs.
    • In the Custom column you can set custom quantities for each available license type, as needed, to create a custom plan. Any custom plan must include at least one Automation Developer - Named User licenseThis option is not available if your organization region is Japan.
    • If you want a more inclusive custom plan - with service licenses, for example - you can click Contact sales in the top right corner of the page to make an inquiry about upgrading to the Enterprise plan instead. However, this request takes some time to process, whereas with online purchase you can buy and use the starter plans within the same day.
  6. After you've decided on the licensing plan, click Buy Now under the title of the plan you want.

    The checkout page opens and on the right you can see a summary for the chosen plan:

  7. Add your business information, which we use to issue the invoice, and then click Continue to payment.

    The currency that you choose impacts the payment methods that are available on the next step and you cannot change currency later.

    For more information, see I can't see the direct debit payment option in the FAQs section.

  8. Below, under Step 2: Payment informaiton, select your preferred payment method.

    For more information about the options, see Payment Options in the FAQs section.

  9. Add your payment information.

    After you provide this information, we can estimate the applicable tax to be added to the fee.

  10. On the right, under the order summary, click the link to review our terms of use, and then select the checkbox indicating you agree to the terms.
  11. Click Pay Now.

    After the payment is successfully processed, the order confirmation is displayed:


    If you paid using the ACH Debit option, you may see the following message: "Your payment might fail due to insufficient funds in your account. Please check to make sure there are the approapriate funds available as soon as possible."

    This is because payment has not completed yet and we cannot check the balance of your account to confirm that you have sufficient funds for the payment.

    While your order is successful and your licenses are available for you, please make sure that the required funds are available in the linked account to prevent a payment failure.

  12. Click Go to Automation Cloud.

The purchased licenses activate within the hour and your one-month or one-year subscription begins. Your organization is also upgraded to the Pro licensing plan, which includes additional benefits.

Then you can proceed to assign your new licenses .

If you paid using direct debit: While the payment is pending, an information banner is visible at the top of the organization-level Licenses page. During this time, you cannot update your license quantities. The banner disappears after payment is settled and appears again next month when payment is due.

Automatic renewal

Regardless of whether you choose our monthly or annual payment plan, your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of each payment period to ensure uninterrupted access to Automation Cloud. For annual payment, your subscription will be renewed automatically with the same amount after the year ends to ensure uninterrupted automation at a reduced rate. With our monthly payment plan, you have the flexibility to cancel or modify your subscription at the end of each monthly interval.

Failure to pay renewal

If we are unable to charge the renewal fee at the renewal date, we automatically downgrade your organization to the Free licensing plan. For more information, see the FAQ sections Payment failure for direct debit and Payment failure for card payments.

  • New customers
  • Existing customers
  • Automatic renewal
  • Failure to pay renewal
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