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The Automation Express license

The Automation Express license allows you to try out UiPath development and attended automation capabilities, with the ability to apply them in a commercial framework. For ease of access, it is included for free in all licensing plans, except for Community.

There are two ways to obtain an Automation Express license:

  • Be invited to an existing organization by its administrator, who can assign you the license.
  • Create a new organization under the Free plan, which automatically assigns you the license.


Automation Express grants limited access to the following:

  • StudioX and Studio Web
    • You can only publish packages to your personal workspace.
    • Studio Web is only available in the Free and the Pro Trial plans.
  • Limited access to Automation Cloud features, such as Orchestrator and Integration Service
    • You only have access to your Orchestrator personal workspace, and can only run attended automations.
  • Limited access to UiPath Assistant
    • Assistant only displays and allows you to run processes from your personal workspace or the marketplace.

This type of license is not governable through Automation Ops governance policies.


Version updates

You cannot change the update policy for the Automation Express group. It is automatically set to Latest version, and cannot be changed.
This means that the Automation Express license only supports the latest version of StudioX and Assistant.

In cases where the users/user groups policy is editable (such as for a group that has a combination of Automation Express and other licenses), the Latest version still applies, since we check for the license key.

Roles and access

Organization administrators can assign organization-level roles to individual users from Admin > Accounts and Groups, by adding accounts to the default Automation Express group.
By default, users included in this group have the Allow to be Automation User role at the tenant level.


Role assignment

For new organizations, the Allow to be Automation User role is selected by default.
For existing organizations, though, it must be manually selected at the tenant level.

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The Automation Express license

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