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Last updated Dec 20, 2023

Modern Design Experience

About the Modern Experience

UiPath v2020.4 introduced the UiAutomationNext activities package that delivered a new way in which you identify, configure, and verify target UI elements with new activities, an all-in-one recorder, and a new data scraping wizard. Starting with v2020.10, the UIAutomationNext package has been deprecated and the existing UIAutomation package has been expanded to include all the modern features previously available in UiAutomationNext.

You can use the new features by enabling the modern design experience in your automation projects. To find out what changes it brings, read about the differences between modern experience and classic experience.

Please note that all projects created in the StudioX profile use the modern design experience by default.

Enabling the Modern Experience

The modern design experience is not enabled by default. The classic design experience that includes the activities, wizards, and recorders that were available in Studio v2020.4 and older releases is also enabled by default for projects created in this version of Studio.

You can enable the modern experience for each project and configure a global setting that makes it the default experience for all new projects. The project-level setting overrides the global setting.

  • To enable the modern experience for a project, in the Project panel, select Project Settings, then select Modern Design Experience from the General tab and reload the project.

    Note: You can enable the modern experience for projects created in Studio versions prior to v2020.10, which use the classic experience by default.
  • To make the modern experience the default experience for all new projects, go to Home (Studio Backstage View) > Settings > Design, and select Modern Design Experience. This will enable the Modern Design Experience project setting for all newly created projects.

Differences Between Modern Experience and Classic Experience



A separate set of activities is available by default in each experience.

Regardless of the experience selected for a project, you can also enable the activities that are only available by default in the other experience. Click View Options at the top of the Activities panel, and then select:

  • Show Modern to view modern activities in a project that uses the classic experience
  • Show Classic to view classic activities in a project that uses the modern experience.

The following table lists the activities that are available by default in one experience but not in the other. The UI Automation activities that are not listed in the table are available by default in both experiences.

Object Repository

You can only use the Object Repository in the modern experience with modern activities.

Scraping Wizards

  • Modern experience - The Table Extraction wizard is available for data scraping.
  • Classic experience - The Data Scraping and Screen Scraping wizards are available.

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