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Last updated Dec 20, 2023


UiPath Studio encapsulates both simple and complex solutions for application integration and automating third-party applications, administrative IT tasks, and business IT processes.

Studio is at the heart of automation with UiPath products. Activities form into comprehensive workflows in Studio, which are then executed by the Robot and published to Orchestrator.

Studio comes with two types of available profiles for developers and business users:

  • Studio offers a plethora of tools for designing complex and large workflows;
  • StudioX is addressed to business users for automating tasks with the use of integration with Microsoft Excel application. Check out the StudioX guide.
  • Studio Pro offers access to Test Suite features, such as Application Testing, RPA Testing, and API Test Automation, as well as C# support.

Get Started with Studio

Follow the examples below to create your first process and library in Studio:

The Studio guide is divided into chapters and contains automation tutorials with workflows ready for download.

More Resources

The UiPath RPA Academy is the place for receiving comprehensive training on Studio, Robot, Activities, and Orchestrator, and receive certification.

The UiPath Community Forum is the place for getting support from our evergrowing community of users.

  • Get Started with Studio
  • More Resources

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