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Last updated Dec 20, 2023

Project Templates

Project templates can speed up automation design when used as a starting point for new automation projects. You can use one of the built-in templates or use custom templates from other sources, such as the organization-wide template feed. In addition, you can create and publish your own custom templates.

The following built-in project templates are available on the Start tab in Studio Backstage View:

To browse and search for custom templates from all available sources, go to Home (Backstage View) and select the Templates tab.

Custom Templates

User-defined processes, or test automation projects can be saved as templates to be used in other automation projects. Such templates may contain a particular set of dependencies and built-in workflows with already defined variables and arguments that can later be used in various projects.

Studio offers two ways to create your own custom templates, either by using the Template project type in the Home tab or by exporting a process, or test automation project as a template.

Creating a Template

  1. In the Studio Backstage view, under New Project, click Template.
  2. Enter the template name and description, and the location where to create the template.
  3. (Studio Pro only) Choose between a Process and a Test Automation type of template, and pick a language between Visual Basic and C#.
  4. Click Create and your template opens in Studio.

Exporting a Project as a Template

Processes and test automation projects can be exported as templates, published to a certain location, and then made available in the Templates tab in Studio's Backstage view.

A process, test automation, or modified built-in template opened in Studio can be exported using the Export as Template ribbon button.

When exported, the template is saved under the path in the Location field.

Note: Unsaved changes made in files are automatically saved in the project before the template is created.

Publishing a Template

Publishing templates is similar to publishing processes and libraries, with the exception that the wizard contains an additional step where to enter template information. For more information, see About Publishing Automation Projects.

Browsing and Using Templates

You can view all available project templates in the Templates tab in Studio Backstage View.

Recently used templates are listed at the top. You can search for templates by name and description, select whether to include prerelease versions, or filter templates by location.

The following template locations are available:

  • All - All locations.
  • Built-in - Templates that come installed with Studio.
  • Official - Templates from the official UiPath feed.
  • Orchestrator - Organization-wide templates feed, available when connected to Orchestrator.
  • Local - The local user feed, by default: C:\Users\User\Documents\UiPath\.templates. The location can be defined by selecting Settings > Locations in Studio Backstage view.

Creating a Project Based on a Template

  1. Click the template. A window with details about the template opens.
  2. Select the version to use from the lower-left corner of the window, and then click Use Template.

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