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Last updated Dec 20, 2023

Background Process

The Background Process is a template for creating processes that can run in parallel on the same Robot, together with one foreground process. For this reason, background processes must not contain activities that require user interaction.

The default dependencies of a background process template are: UiPath.Excel.Activities, UiPath.Mail.Activities, UiPath.System.Activities, and UiPath.WebAPI.Activities.

Background processes must not make use of interactive activities, like Click or Type Into found in the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package. Check out the Background Process Automation page to read more about how the Robot handles such processes.

In Studio, go to the Home Backstage view and select Background Process. The New Background Process window opens. Click Create after filling in the fields.

A process may be turned into a Background Process as long as it does not contain activities with UI interaction. Go to the Project Settings window and set the Starts in Background toggle to Yes.

Consequently, a Background Process may be turned into a foreground one by switching the same toggle to No.

Before publishing a background process, make sure it does not contain any interactive activities. Using such activities in background processes, while running at the same time with foreground processes may cause unexpected results.

Please note that a Background Process runs in Session 0 when started from Orchestrator on an Unattended Robot.

For a more detailed description on how Background Processes work, see the Background Process Automation page, which provides more information on this subject.

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