UiPath Process Mining

The UiPath Process Mining Guide

Introduction to Process Mining

What is UiPath Process Mining

UiPath Process Mining is a Process Mining solution that transforms data from your IT systems into visual interactive dashboards, allowing you to see existing value decreases, bottlenecks, and discrepancies, as well as understanding the root-causes and possible risks. It offers real-time, valuable insights to improve business processes over time.


UiPath Process Mining enables all levels of an organization to understand business processes and identify new solutions to drive business performance improvement.

Process Mining cycle

Data transformation

Visualize your data by extracting it to deliver real-time multidimensional process models. The data can be transformed and cleaned up, so it fits the expected input of the app. You can add business logic and enrich the data to enhance the possibilities for analysis.

Data analysis

Use process apps to do initial analysis and configure the app to make it ready for business roll-out. Incorporate business procedures and rules to develop detailed reference for every business transaction across teams.

Continuous monitoring

Deploy the app to business users for continuous monitoring of your process. Discover key business risks and enable opportunities for optimization and transformation.

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Introduction to Process Mining

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