Regions and instances

Where UiPath Automation CloudTM data is stored

Automation CloudTM services are available in multiple locations worldwide, dispersed across various global regions to offer coverage to our customers around the world.

This page provides an overview of where your business-related information used to build and run automations in UiPath Automation CloudTM is stored.

Enterprise and Enterprise Trial customers

Region information for Enterprise instances also applies to Enterprise Trial instances.

We aim to store your business data in the optimal region, which is the region that ensures the best performance, decreased network latency, and data locality. However, your data can be hosted across different regions, depending on:

  • the region of your organization.
  • the default or selected region of your tenants. See Tenant region.
  • the services you have active in your organization and tenant, and their availability in your region. See the table below.

Organization region

When you first sign up to Automation CloudTM, you specify the country for your organization and we set the optimal region as your organization region.

Example (click to expand)
If your country is Romania, your organization region is mapped to Europe. This is the region where we provision your account-level services, create the default tenant and it is also the region where your organization-wide services are hosted, such as UiPath Apps.

Tenant and service regions for business data

The following table lists the services and indicates if they can be hosted in the selected tenant region or specifies the fallback region:

= Available = Not available



United States




Action Center: Actions

Action Center: Processes

AI Center


Automation CloudTM portal

Automation Hub

Automation Ops*

Data Service




Task Mining**

Test Manager

AI Computer Vision

*Organization-level service for which the hosting region is automatically selected to match the region of your organization instead of the tenant region.
**For Task Mining fallback regions are available. For Japan and Australia, the fallback region is Europe. For Canada, the fallback region is United States.

Tenant region

The region where your services are hosted depends on the tenant region, which is set as follows:

  • The region for your default tenant is determined as described under the Organization Region section above. Your business data is hosted accordingly, assuming all services are available within the same region.
  • When you create a new tenant, you can choose the tenant region. Your data and resources for that tenant and the selected services are all hosted in the selected region if possible.

Fallback region

If a selected service is not available in the tenant region, that service is hosted in a fallback region instead, which is the optimal region in relation to the tenant region. This means that your business data for a particular tenant may be hosted in multiple regions.

Business data versus Automation CloudTM service metadata

Automation CloudTM service metadata, which is service and account-related data such as account name, user lists, and license information is all hosted in Europe.

Community customers

For Community customers, the business data for your organization, tenant, and services is hosted in Europe.



Orchestrator service instances

We maintain separate instances for Community and Enterprise customers. The data of Enterprise customers is hosted on instances that are dedicated only for Enterprise customers. This provides an added layer of isolation and a higher quality of service that meets our Enterprise service level agreements.

Instances for different licensing plans:

  • One Enterprise instance of Orchestrator service exists in each of the available regions.
  • Two Community instances of Orchestrator are available, both hosted on our servers in Europe.

Community instances

When you sign up for an Automation CloudTM account on the Community plan, a new Orchestrator service is created by default within a Community instance. All Community customers are hosted on our servers in Europe.
If you sign up for an Enterprise Trial directly, Orchestrator service is created in an Enterprise instance.

Migration to enterprise instances

Upon upgrading from Community to Enterprise, any pre-existing Orchestrator services created on the free Community instances are migrated to the Enterprise instances over time.
After upgrading to Enterprise or Enterprise Trial, any new Orchestrator services created for new tenants are hosted within the paid Enterprise instances located in the tenant region you choose.

Differences between deployment rollouts

We deploy new releases of Orchestrator twice a month. New releases are made available first to Community instances, and one week later to Enterprise instances as well.


High availability

Within each region, we have multiple instances for each of our services for load-balancing and high availability.
To achieve high availability in our instances, we use multiple Azure availability zones within each region. Business data, therefore, remains within the same region in the event of any failover or disaster recovery action.

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Regions and instances

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