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      • 19 March 2024
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AI Computer Vision User Guide
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Last updated Jul 12, 2024

Public endpoints

The AI Computer Vision Cloud Server offers several endpoints, one for West Europe, and two for US. For details on data residency, check the Data residency page.

Even though AI Computer Vision maintains public endpoints for Europe and the United States, the service is not restricted to these regions alone. The service is available worldwide and it can be accessed from any location around the world. Therefore, regardless of your geographical location, you can use the service unhindered as the service is globally accessible and not regionally confined. However, be aware that latency may vary based on your geographical location. As the distance between your location and the server region of the endpoint increases, you may experience a slight delay in service access or response times.

An automatic nearest geolocation endpoint selector exists for, based on requests made to the server. This is also the default endpoint. The auto selection improves latency by processing images using the nearest server to your geolocation.
A separate production environment, currently located only in the United States, also exists for the AI Computer Vision Cloud Server to align with the delayed enterprise ring deployment and can be found at

Endpoint Value

Server Location

Nearest geolocation based on the request IP

West Europe


Delayed enterprise ring deployment, located in the United States

During regional failures, traffic using the global service endpoint may be temporarily redirected to other regions, to mitigate the failure without affecting SLA. More details can be found in the Data residency page. Traffic to region specific endpoints will not be redirected, and therefore may face degraded SLA or interruption of service during such regional failures.

To restrict the AI Computer Vision automations to using a specific endpoint, you can manually edit the values either in Project Settings > Computer Vision > Server or in CV Screen Scope activity > Properties > Server (synced) > URL. The steps you need to manually perform are described in the Changing the server endpoint page.

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