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Orchestrator Release Notes
Last updated Dec 6, 2023

February 2021

22 February 2021


You can configure a higher amount of up to 2GB for your data variation storage file.

Bug Fixes

  • Occasionally, deleting test sets with a large number of test cases resulted in timeout. This issue has been fixed and the response time has been generally improved.
  • Triggering two jobs simultaneously in a classic folder resulted in one of them not being executed unless launching it manually a second time. Such jobs are now picked up by the Robot and properly executed.

10 February 2021

Modern Folders Are In, Classic Folders Are Out

Starting with this release, new organizations are created with modern folders by default.

Also, for Community users, it is no longer possible to create new classic folders.

While existing customers are not impacted, we recommend that you migrate to modern folders to benefit from the additional functionality they offer.

8 February 2021


You can now upload NuGet packages targeting net5.0 TFM. 

1 February 2021

Elastic Robot Orchestration

With Elastic Robot Orchestration we are taking our SaaS one step further by offering a new feature: cloud management for your robots in your public cloud subscription, on your behalf. At the moment we support Azure, but soon enough we'll also onboard AWS and GCP.

Elastic Robot Orchestration means you can leave the nuisance of managing virtual machine scale to us. We will turn them on or off to scale your robot capacity as you need more jobs executed, and so on. You just create the connection to your cloud inside your Orchestrator settings, sit back, and relax.

The prerequisites for cloud robots are:

  • a cloud subscription that has a resource group and an application registration created;
  • a virtual machine image captured in your cloud, which is useful for creating the virtual machines at runtime.

Check the Elastic Robot Orchestration documentation for more details.

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