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Orchestrator Release Notes
Last updated Dec 6, 2023

April 2020

21 April 2020

Personal Workspace

Make life easier for your Studio users and yourself by enabling the creation of a Personal Workspace for each attended user. This personal folder works as a separate, and segregated, storage space from the official Orchestrator feed. Users can then publish their packages directly to this separate space, where a process is automatically created or updated, and launch their automation quickly and easily from the tray.

Package and Workflow Compare

The Package Explorer feature got richer with compare functionalities. It now empowers you to see the actual differences between any two selected versions of a package, pointing out workflow files that were added, modified or deleted, and highlighting changes in folders or the dependencies list. Use the filters to see what interests you the most.

As a bonus, you can view the differences between workflow files. Compare the two selected versions of the .xaml file side by side, earliest file version on the left, with deleted content highlighted in red, modified content in yellow, and added content in green.

Click here for step by step instructions on how to compare packages.


The folder path appearing on folder-scoped pages is now clickable, enabling you to quickly and easily navigate between different folders. See here for details.

6 April 2020

Bug Fix

We know that unwanted email messages can be bothersome, especially if you receive several during a few days. You'll be glad to know that the spammy behavior exhibited lately by the Email Alerts feature was fixed. From now on, you'll receive your daily email alerts only when there is meaningful information to report.

2 April 2020


Modern folders become even more appealing with the introduction of the Execution Target tab when you create queue triggers. Here you can select a specific user for the process execution or leave it as Any user when having machines with multiple runtimes.

Launching your automation projects is now easier and more intuitive as we have added a convenient Start Job button on the Processes and Triggers pages in Orchestrator.

To ensure a better performance of the Monitoring menu, we're changing the precision displayed for durations. For example, if a job processes in 1 day 3 hours 46 minutes, we'll round it up to one day when displaying its duration in the corresponding widget. Worry not, you can still see the exact duration in ISO8601 format when hovering over the displayed value. 

You can notice the changes in the Job Details Duration field, Processes Details Avg. Duration and Avg. Pending Time fields, Queues Details AHT (Per Item) field, Processing Time AHT (Per Item) and Estimated Completion fields, and Triggers Stop After field.

See details about jobs, queues, and triggers.

Bug Fixes

  • The See More buttons from the License page's Attended Concurrent and Studio Concurrent sections redirected you to the correct pages, but with misleading titles.
  • When using the Form Designer within the Create Form Task activity, images embedded in an HTML Element component using a base64 encoding were not displayed in the desktop version of Orchestrator. This occurred because string interpolation in the component did not work if leading and trailing spaces were not given between curly brackets.
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