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Regions and Instances

We're hosting Automation Cloud in multiple regions to ensure the best performance and data locality for our customers. Our current regions are Europe with servers located in Ireland, North America with servers located in Virginia, and Japan.

Within each region, we have multiple instances of Orchestrator for load-balancing and high availability. We maintain separate Automation Cloud instances for Community and Enterprise customers. Enterprise customers' data is kept on special instances of Orchestrator dedicated only to Enterprise customers to provide an added layer of isolation as well as provide a higher quality of service that meets our service level agreements for those customers.

When you sign up for an Automation Cloud account choosing the Community plan, a new Orchestrator service is created by default within a Community instance. All Community customers are hosted on our servers in Europe.

Here are our current Automation Cloud regions and their corresponding instances:

Community Orchestrator Instances
Enterprise Orchestrator Instances










Upon upgrading from Community to the Enterprise plan, any pre-existing Orchestrator services created on the Community free instances are migrated automatically to the Enterprise instances over time. Any new Orchestrator services created after the upgrade are hosted within the Enterprise paid instances located in the region closest to the country you've chosen.

We deploy new releases of Orchestrator twice a month, on stages, first to the Community instances, and a week later to the Enterprise instances. You can see the newest features on the Community Orchestrator services one week before these features are being deployed to the Enterprise Orchestrator services.

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Regions and Instances

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