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Migrating Orchestrator from on-premises to cloud

UiPath Orchestrator is available as both an on-premises offering and as a cloud offering, part of Automation Cloud. In the cloud, Orchestrator is one of multiple UiPath services that you can manage centrally from Automation Cloud, without the hassle of installation or maintenance, and always up to date with the latest features.

On-premises and Automation Cloud Orchestrator come with the same capabilities, with few notable exceptions listed here.

If you are currently using an on-premises version of Orchestrator but want to switch to using the Orchestrator service in Automation Cloud, you don't have to start over. You can migrate most of your data from your on-premises instance to your new Orchestrator service.

Migration process

Automation Cloud setup





Manage organization settings

Configure your organization name, site URL or language.


Create your tenants

If you want to match your on-premises configuration, create a tenant for each of your on-premises tenants. Each tenant has one Cloud Orchestrator service associated to it.


Allocate the desired number of licenses from the total number of available licenses

Community Automation Cloud comes with one default tenant and one Orchestrator service. You can create multiple tenants if you are on the Enterprise Trial or Enterprise plan. License activation is performed automatically.


Invite users to join your organization

User creation in Automation Cloud Orchestrator is invitation-based.


Assign the users to Orchestrator services, and grant them rights by associating them to the corresponding Orchestrator roles

Create additional roles in Orchestrator if you need more on top of the Administrator one.

Assigning users to Orchestrator services and granting them access-rights can be performed while inviting them.

Orchestrator migration

After completing the Automation Cloud setup, you have two options for performing the Orchestrator migration:

Both methods imply recreating your on-premises Orchestrator setup in the Orchestrator service in Automation Cloud.

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Migrating Orchestrator from on-premises to cloud

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