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Product Availability - Other latest
Last updated Dec 7, 2023

Product Availability


UiPath’s strategy is generally to offer new products and features first as SaaS services in UiPath Automation CloudTM. Subsequently, products and features are also made available for the standalone ("on-premises") deployment type, and/or in UiPath Automation Suite, which is our on-premises platform.

Automation Suite is the self-hosted version of Automation Cloud. It offers all the benefits of the Automation Cloud platform, but within your own infrastructure. Automation Suite lets you manage your on-premises UiPath products as one platform. However, not all of our on-premises products are part of Automation Suite.

A standalone and an Automation Suite deployment includes the option to install in public cloud, as self-hosted solutions.

The below table shows, for each of our products, in which deployment models they are currently available.

In some cases, the nature of a product means it is only appropriate for standalone deployment. This includes, for example, client applications that must be installed on the workstations of your users. These exceptions are marked with an asterisk (*) in the table below.


= Available

= Planned

= Not available / Not applicable

* Client application that is installed and runs on the workstations of your users.

** Deprecated, but supported for existing standalone Process Mining customers. See Product Lifecycle.

*** You can install AI Center as part of an Automation Suite installation and connect it to an external, standalone Orchestrator. AI Center via Automation Suite on EKS/AKS is not available if you want to connect AI Center to an external standalone Orchestrator. See Compatibility Matrix for the compatible versions.

Deployment Models

The main difference between the multiple deployment models we have available for our products (standalone, in Automation Suite, or in Automation Cloud) is how the product is managed from an IT infrastructure point of view.

Our products are available in multiple variants, corresponding to the deployment options from which you can choose:

  • UiPath Automation CloudTM is our SaaS cloud platform for automation that comprises all our cloud-ready products - with the exception of our client-side products. We host and we maintain the platform for you.
  • UiPath Automation Suite is our IaaS or PaaS automation platform. It is the on-premises variant of Automation Cloud which you can self-host or host in a public cloud.
  • Standalone is the IaaS or PaaS variant for individual products that you manage and deploy independently. While some integration is possible between our standalone products, they are not managed centrally as in the case of our platform deployments (Automation Cloud or Automation Suite).

Standalone products that are intended to be installed and run on end user workstations (client applications) are not available in Automation Suite or Automation Cloud.

Cloud Model

Automation Cloud is our cloud-based SaaS solution that is ready-to-use with only a web browser. For Automation Cloud, provisioning, scaling, and maintenance of the infrastructure and products is handled by UiPath.

In Automation Cloud, your licensed UiPath products are available as services within the context of the automation platform.

On-premises Models

Standalone products and Automation Suite (our on-premises automation platform) are on-premises solutions that are meant to be installed on either your enterprise computers and servers (self-hosted), or to be deployed in a public cloud.

For both of these models, you are responsible for maintaining and scaling the infrastructure and upgrading to newer versions.

Standalone products are installed using an individual installer. For example, Orchestrator is installed using UiPathOrchestrator.msi and Studio using UiPathStudio.msi.

Automation Suite, being a platform-type solution, establishes one single delivery and maintenance mechanism for multiple UiPath products. With Automation Suite, you can manage your on-premises UiPath platform as one product.

Each UiPath product that is part of Automation Suite is available as a service within the context of the automation platform.

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