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Managing Services

In each tenant, you can provision one instance of each service you own. You can then manage and work in that service instance as needed within the context of the tenant.
In the case of organization-level services such as UiPath Apps, data is not isolated by tenants but the same instance is available throughout your organization.


Provisioning or Removing Services

You can:

  • provision the services you need when you first add a tenant
  • for an existing tenant, provision new services or remove existing ones whenever you need.

To provision or remove services for an existing tenant:

  1. Go to Admin > Tenants to open the Tenants page.
  2. At the right of a tenant row, click and select Tenant Settings:
  1. In the Edit services for tenant panel, select the check boxes for the services you want to provision or clear the check boxes for services that you want to remove.
  2. Click Save.

The list of services for the tenant updates to reflect your changes.


Enabling or Disabling Services

To enable or disable a service:

  1. Go to Admin > Tenants to open the Tenants page.
    Provisioned services for a tenant are listed on the right of the tenant name and enabled services appear in blue font, while disabled services appear in gray font.
  2. Click to the left of the tenant name to expand the list of services for that tenant:
  1. Click the toggle at the right of the row to enable or disable the service.

A confirmation message appears in the top right of the screen.

Service Statuses

The provisioned services for a tenant can be in one of the following statuses:

  • Enabled: The service is available for use within the tenant and appears in blue font on the Tenants page. For enabled services, the status is not displayed.
  • Disabled: The service is unavailable within the tenant and appears in gray font on the Tenants page. The service can no longer be accesses, but any existing data for the tenant is preserved. You can re-enable a service to regain access to the service data.
    Disabling a service frees up all licenses allocated to that service.
  • Provisioning: The service is currently being provisioned. Depending on the service, this can take several minutes. The service is only accessible after provisioning completes. Click Refresh in the top right of the grid to refresh the status.

These statuses refer to the service itself and are distinct from the status of the tenant, which can also be Enabled or Disabled.


Other Service Options

Also see:

  • Managing Users for information about assigning permissions to users for Automation Cloud and for the various services
  • About API Access for information about using the API Access information to authenticate with the API of a service.

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Managing Services

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