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Upgrading and downgrading licenses

This page describes how to upgrade from your current licensing plan to a more comprehensive plan, as well as what happens when your license expires and it is downgraded.

License upgrade

Upgrading to Pro Trial

  1. Log in to Automation Cloud as an organization administrator.
  2. Go to Admin > Licenses and, in the top right corner of the page, click Start Pro Trial.
    The upgrade dialog opens.
  3. Fill in the form with your business details.
    These details are used by our sales representatives to contact you before the trial period expires regarding your potential upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise plan.
  4. Click Request to complete the request and close the dialog.

Back on the Licenses page, next to the page title, the license plan changes from Community Plan or Free Plan to Pro Trial.

Upgrading to the Pro plan

To upgrade to the Pro plan, you can purchase licenses online, directly from Automation Cloud.
As soon as the initial payment completes, you are upgraded to the Pro plan and have access to the included premium features.

Upgrading to Enterprise

To upgrade to the Enterprise plan, you must contact Sales to negotiate a custom license bundle for your Enterprise plan.
You must provide your Support ID for the request.


License expiration and downgrade

When your license expires, your organization is automatically downgraded to the Free licensing plan, with limited capabilities.

Downgrade to Free

When your Pro Trial, Pro, or Enterprise license expires, you are automatically downgraded to the Free licensing plan and the following changes take place in your organization:

  • If you had more than one tenant, all tenants and their services are disabled.
    You can enable one of your tenants to use and after that you cannot enable any of the other ones. See Enabling tenants for instructions.
  • Your license quantities are reduced to those that are included in the Free plan, and a license overallocation message is displayed.
    You need to adjust the user and service licenses that you have allocated to only use what is available.
  • Your plan benefits return to the ones for the Free plan. Any extra benefits you had from the superior plan are revoked.

For more information about the differences between plans, see Plans comparison.

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Upgrading and downgrading licenses

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