UiPath Automation Cloud

The UiPath Automation Cloud Guide

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Software Requirements

Our offering of UiPath Automation Cloud requires no installation from your part. In order to access it, you only need an internet connection with TLS and a compatible browser.

Browser Compatibility

The table below lists the supported browsers and their minimum version of compatibility with Automation Cloud.



Google Chrome

64 or above

Internet Explorer


Microsoft Edge

44 or above

Mozilla Firefox

66 or above

Other browsers that are not listed above, older versions of the ones listed above, or mobile browsers are not supported. If you access Automation Cloud with any of these, you could receive an error.


End of Support for Internet Explorer

UiPath Orchestrator and UiPath Automation Cloud will end support for Internet Explorer in April 2021.
For more information, see this forum post.

Compatibility with Other Products

For information about the compatible versions of Robot and Studio that work with Automation Cloud and Orchestrator, see the Technical Compatibility Matrix.

Activating TLS on Your Machine

Make sure that you connect to the internet using TLS.

  1. On your machine, open Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Security section.
  4. Select the Use TLS 1.2 check box.
  5. Click Apply.

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Software Requirements

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