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Purchasing licenses

If you're looking to extend your automation capabilities and benefit from enterprise-level services, you can quickly and easily sign up for a license subscription. You get instant access to the required resources, with a monthly commitment that you can cancel any time.


Not yet available in Japan

The features covered on this page are not yet available to customers who are in the Japan region.


Buying a starter license plan

We have put together a few pre-packaged license bundles that grant just the right mix of functionality for those getting started with robotic process automation (RPA). You can see the full details for each licensing plan on our Pricing page.
Or you can create a custom plan with as many licenses as you need.

Not all licenses that we offer are available through online license purchase. For the license types not available on the page, you must contact Sales. For the full list of available licensing SKUs, see the UiPath Licensing page - the Flex Plan or Cloud Plan tabs are applicable for Automation Cloud.

Purchasing a plan

New customers

If you have not signed up for Automation Cloud yet, go to instead.

Click Buy now for the starter plan you want and we walk you through creating a UiPath accountUiPath account - Also known as a local account. A user-owned account that is registered with UiPath and used to log in to Automation Cloud and other UiPath resources such as the UiPath Forum or UiPath Academy. The account is created by either choosing a username and password, or by federating with Microsoft, Google, or LinkedIn when signing up for Automation Cloud or when accepting an invitation to join an Automation Cloud organization. (required), create your Automation Cloud organization, and take you through the purchasing process described in this section.
Within minutes, you can log in to your new Automation Cloud organization, readily licensed with your selected plan.


Custom license quantities

If you would like to customize the quantities for the included licenses, you can do so from within Automation Cloud, but you must sign up first. To sign up, go to - it only takes a few moments.
After you've signed up, follow the instructions in the Existing customers section below.

Existing customers

  1. Go to Admin > Licenses and click Buy Now in the top right of the page.
    The Plans and Pricing page opens.
    For more information about each of the included licenses, hover your mouse over the info icon or more link:
  1. Review the available plans to find the right one for you:
    • The Automation Developer, Unattended Automation, and Automation Team columns are for pre-packaged starter plans that we have put together to suit basic automation needs.
    • In the Custom column you can set custom quantities for each available license type, as needed, to create a custom plan. Any custom plan must include at least one Automation Developer - Named User license.
    • If you want a more inclusive custom plan, you can click Contact sales in the top right corner of the page to make an inquiry. However, this request takes some time to process, whereas you can buy and use the starter packs within the same day.
  2. After you've decided on the licensing plan, click Buy Now under the title of the plan you want.
    The checkout page opens and on the right you can see a summary for the chosen plan:
  1. Add your business information, which we use to issue the invoice, and then click Next.
  2. Add your payment information.
    After you provide this information, we can estimate the applicable tax to be added to the fee.
  3. Under the order summary, select the checkbox indicating you agree to the terms.
  4. Click Pay Now.
    After the payment is successfully processed, the order confirmation is displayed:
  1. Click Go to Automation Cloud.

The purchased licenses activate within the hour and your one-month subscription begins.
Then you can proceed to assign your new licenses. If user license management is disabled for your organization, you do not need to assign user licenses.

Automatic renewal

The provided card is automatically charged with the same amount when the month expires to renew your subscription so that you can continue to automate without disruption.

Useful links: Viewing renewal information Cancelling your subscription Updating your card information

Failure to pay renewal

If we are unable to charge the provided card for the renewal fee at the renewal date, we retry the payment for up to three days after the due date. If, after three days, the fee is still not paid, we automatically downgrade your organization back to the Community licensing plan. For details, see Subscription expiration.


Managing your subscription

Viewing subscription details

After purchasing a licensing plan, you can view the details for your plan from the Manage Plan page.

To view subscription details, go to Admin > Licenses and click Manage Plan at the top right of the page:

Viewing renewal information

To see the amount due for your next monthly renewal, as well as the due date for the payment,
go to Admin > Licenses > Manage Plan (top right):

Updating your card information

You can change the card used to pay for the subscription at any time.

  1. Go to Admin > Licenses and click Manage Plan in he top right.
  2. On the Manage Plan page, under Plan Detail, click Manage Billing.
    You are redirected to Stripe where you can view and manage your payment information for the subscription:
  1. Under Payment Method, click Add payment method.
  2. On the next screen, add your card details and ZIP code.
  3. Leave the Use as default payment method checkbox selected to automatically switch to using this card to pay for your subscription.
  4. Click Add to validate the new card.
    The new card appears under Payment Method and is marked as default.
  5. Optionally remove the old card from Stripe:
    a. At the right of the old card details, click and select Delete.
    b. In the confirmation dialog, click Delete payment method to confirm the deletion.
    The old card is removed from the Payment Method section.
  6. To return to Automation Cloud, click Return to UiPath, Inc. in the gray panel at the left of the page.

Cancelling your subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time, with no penalty.

If your subscription period has not yet expired, you can continue to use the subscription up to and including the expiration date, even if you have cancelled your subscription.

To cancel you licensing plan subscription:

  1. Go to Admin > Licenses and click Manage Plan in the top right.
  2. On the Manage Plan page, under Plan Detail, click Manage Billing.
    You are redirected to Stripe.
  3. Under Current Plan, click Cancel plan:
  1. On the Cancel your plan page, click Cancel plan.
    The button turns green and displays a checkmark when the cancellation is complete. Then you are redirected back to the Billing page in Stripe.
  2. To return to Automation Cloud, click Return to UiPath, Inc. in the gray panel at the left of the page.
    On the Manage Plan page, the information in the Renewal section is updated accordingly:

Subscription expiration

In the above example, on September 26, 2021, the organization automatically reverts to a Community licensing plan. All subscription licenses are removed (an overallocation message may appear) and any additional tenants created while on the Enterprise plan are disabled and no longer usable.

The above also applies if you fail to pay the renewal fee within 3 days of the due date.


Switching to different licensing

Switching to a different starter plan

You can switch to a different started plan after your current plan expires.

To switch from one starter plan to another:

  1. Cancel your subscription for the current plan.
  2. After your current plan expires, purchase another plan in the same way you purchased the original one.

Switching to a custom licensing plan

You can add more licensing capabilities to your current licensing plan as needed. Our full commercial offering is available on the UiPath Licensing page. The SKUs on the Flex Plan or Cloud Plan tabs are applicable for Automation Cloud.

If you would like to buy a custom licensing plan, please contact Sales for assistance.

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Purchasing licenses

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