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License Overallocation



UiPath does not enforce automatic license removal or deny access to the services due to the license excess usage to not create any inconveniences by disrupting your operations. Nevertheless, you are required to adjust the license count within the limits dictated by your organization's license plan.

Continuing to use the excess licenses constitutes a breach of the license agreement and may result in disruption of services if no action is taken within 14 days.

Organization Level Overallocation

  • If you have more licenses allocated in your organization than provided by your licensing plan, a warning banner is displayed. The license excess is visible on the Home page and all Admin pages. This can happen if the number of purchased licenses decreased since you last assigned licenses to your users/tenants.



Purchase more licenses so that the number of available licenses on the Licenses page matches the number of service/robot licenses allocated to your tenants or decrease the number of service/robot licenses allocated to your tenants. Make sure the number of licenses in use in the service matches the number of allocated licenses, otherwise you'll end up in a service level overallocation state.

Service Level Overallocation

If you have more licenses in use in a particular service than allowed by its current license configuration, the Home and License pages in that service shows the number of excess licenses on top of the service's total. This can happen if an organization administrator allocates fewer licenses to a service than the number of licenses currently in use.



Increase the number of service/robot licenses allocated to the tenant to match the number of licenses that are in use in the service, or unassign the licenses from the service.

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License Overallocation

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