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Allocating Robot/Service Licenses to Tenants

This article walks you through the steps for robot/service license allocation.


Before you begin

You need the Organization Administrator privileges to allocate licenses.


Using the Licenses Page to Assign Licenses

  1. On the Licenses page, make sure you are on the Robots & Services tab.
  2. On the License Allocation to Tenants section, click Allocate Licenses for the tenant you want to allocate licenses to. The Allocate Licenses to Tenant window is displayed showing a list of the services enabled in the tenant, and the number of already allocated licenses, alongside the number of available licenses.
  3. Increase/decrease the number of licenses and then click Save to save the changes.


Using the Tenants Page to Assign Licenses

  1. On the Tenants page, click Edit license allocation at the right of the tenant row.
    The Allocate licenses to tenant panel opens, showing the licenses that are currently allocated for the tenant:

Only robot licenses (in the Orchestrator section) and licenses for the services you have activated in this tenant are displayed in this window, grouped by the service.

  1. Edit the values to change how many licenses of each type to allocate to this tenant.
    The maximum number of licenses available for each type is displayed under the field. If you don't have enough licenses, you can:

    • redistribute licenses across your tenants to see if you can free up any (see details for the legacy or current license management model)
    • contact us to purchase additional licenses.

    See License Overallocation for more information.

  2. When finished, click Save at the bottom.
    The tenant status changes to Updating while the new license settings are applied.
    Click Refresh at the top right of the Tenants page if the status doesn't change shortly to either Enabled or Failed. You can access the services within the new tenant when the status is Enabled.

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Allocating Robot/Service Licenses to Tenants

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