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Last updated 2023年11月30日

February 2021

25 February 2021


  • Improved the runtime experience of showing a hand pointer for controls that have the "Clicked On" event configured when you hover over them

Fixed Bugs

  • Selected value in dropdown doesn't show up in the list when we open the dropdown
  • App studio when being idle for some time does not show all pages in the app
  • Invalid binding error is not shown in the tree view and in control properties till the page is refreshed
  • Binding errors show up after some delay
  • Set Value for check box control doesn't set the check box value
  • Clicking on 'Share' on the app tile on the landing page, takes the user to the main page of the app instead of the permission tab in App settings
  • Unable to add App Variable to "Set Values" rule in rules builder
  • Rules builder UI gets broken in certain cases of imported app
  • Unable to tab out of date control when you tab into the control
  • Searching for control in resource panel, was not listing the sub-properties of the control
  • If the "Open Page" rule is not configured with a page, it navigates to an empty page
  • Unattended processes with longer processing time doesn't return results

23 February 2021


  • The Apps service reaches out to more users as it becomes available in Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil).

    For information about how to change the language, see Localization.

16 February 2021


  • Improved the selection behavior of text box and text area in App runtime
  • Improved the behavior of control copy. Copying of controls happens immediately next to the control which is being copied, instead of the bottom of the page. This happens when no container is selected. If a container is selected, it copies the control within the container
  • Provided a default height for Custom List to optimize performance through virtual scrolling
  • Added a max character limit of 100 for App name and showing an error in case it exceeds, instead of trimming the name automatically
  • Show only icons in the resources lookup panel when you are setting the icon property for a button
  • Improved the visual treatment of lookup panel properties
  • Improved the app runtime performance when there are multiple custom lists controls in the app
  • Improved the look and feel of the dropdown control
  • Selected item will be brought to view in the tree view and studio (Also applies to pasted control)
  • Improved the font family dropdown behavior in the styling pane by sorting them alphabetically

Fixed Bugs

  • Searching for control in the resource panel not listing the sub-properties of the control
  • Copying of containers using Ctrl+C and pasting them Ctrl +V, removes the "+" icon in the container layout container
  • Control selection in tree view gets changed to page when a rule is deleted in rules builder for any control
  • 'App description invalid' error when user presses enter or provide special characters in the App description field on the Settings page
  • Unable to create App name with special characters
  • Tooltip border is cut in App studio
  • Color of Checkbox remains pink in the app runtime when it is bound to any value
  • Incorrect change owner confirmation message dialog when app owner is changed in the app settings
  • Public access change ( enable/disable) require re-publishing the app
  • Invalid binding errors associated with page containers continue to show in tree view even after the error is rectified.
  • Searching for control in the resource panel not listing the sub-properties of the control
  • Error message on process refresh in imported apps
  • 'All changes saved' text, preview, and publish actions are not localized
  • Dropdown width set in % doesn't apply in runtime
  • Opening a page in the dialog makes the dialog stretch when opened on a high-resolution screen
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