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Last updated Oct 19, 2023

Platform Setup

This is the module where the assigned System Admin sets up the organization of the platform for each Automation Hub tenant.

The below options are available:


Following the company’s profile, create a solid organizational structure to be used for all the automations and ideas that will be shared. The System Admin is responsible for configuring a structure for Automation Categories aligned with the structure of the company.

You can define and manage the Categories based on the specific organization set-up. Furthermore, you can choose to edit these in the web editor or download the CSV version in order to apply the edits offline and upload it back.

App Inventory

Connected with the Automation Area, this feature helps you define and manage the IT Application Inventory. The System Admin is responsible for creating an itemized list of applications used within each Automation Area as configured in the Automation Area.


Upload and manage company-specific document templates to be used to document the Automations in a consistent and accurate way. The Documentation repository allows you to maintain consistency across your automation efforts by organizing documentation in a uniform way. Automation Hub includes a set of pre-defined templates that allow you to standardize your documentation still you can add your own documentation according to your company's standards.

Customize Assessments

To identify suitable candidates for automation, shared ideas go through an evaluation process consisting of 2 levels of assessment:

  • High Level Assessment,
  • Detailed Assessment.

High Level Assessment

Initiated by the Share an Idea button, it provides information that helps the user identify proposals that can be considered for a more detailed assessment.

After the user shares the idea by answering simple questions, the Automation Score is provided instantly by the platform. Check the Information About the Idea Score for details about how the score is calculated.

The High Level assessment is customizable, and you can add/delete questions, reorder questions in the form, change the question type and even modify the weight of each question. For more details, please check Customizing the High Level Assessment page.

Detailed Assessment

This is the stage where a detailed evaluation is performed. The Process Owner answers a predefined set of specific questions and lists the applications used in the manual process.

The Assessment Score highlights the Automation Potential, the Ease of Implementation, and the estimated benefit measured in annualized hours saved, in currency, and in FTEs saved per year for the considered proposal. Check the Information About the Detailed Assessment Algorithm for details about how the score is calculated.

If the Detailed Assessment form does not provide all the information needed, the System Admin has the option to customize it by adding specific questions.

Cost Setup

The below categories allow you to configure the cost associated with the RPA implementation:

By clicking the Currency drop-down list, you can select the currency used to display prices and costs. This currency is applied to the entire automation program.

Note: All the costs are reflected in the Cost Benefit Analysis page of each Idea Profile.

Import Pipeline

Open API

Within the Open API page you have access to the details that help you generate and manage the token used in order to manipulate the Automation Hub data through API calls.

We encourage you to also review the entire Automation Hub API Guide as it provides all the details you need to start using the Automation Hub APIs in a fast and compelling way. The guide is built to support the Swagger documentation, by providing relevant and easy to follow examples.

If you prefer to work with Postman, a small collection is available at this link, which can be imported by clicking the Run in Postman button.

The following API requests are currently available:

  • GET Automation Idea
  • POST Automation Idea through the Employee-driven flow
  • POST Automation Idea through the Coe-driven flow
  • POST Phase and Status for Automation Idea
  • GET Automation Pipeline
  • GET Categories
  • GET App Inventory
  • GET CBA (Cost Benefit Analysis)
  • GET Users
  • POST Add User
  • POST Edit User
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