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Last updated Oct 19, 2023

Automation Program

This page is set up as the home page, displayed after successfully logging in, and contains all the submissions created within the company tenant, regardless of their idea source, except the ones in Rejected, Duplicate, or Archived status. For each submission, a profile card is displayed, providing summarized information about it.

Explore Automation Program page displays automations collected from all submission paths (Share Employee-driven Idea, Share CoE-driven Idea, Share Automation, Process Mining or Task Mining).


To find the list of automations you're interested in, and you can filter by the following criteria:

  • Category

    • Business Area
    • Category
    • Sub-Category

Each Business Area can have from 1 to 4 levels of sub-categories, depending on how the admin has set up the structure in the Platform Setup module.

If you define common names for multiple sub-categories that belong to different business areas, you will notice multiple categories with the same name when filtering. Each of them must be selected in the filter if you want to display all ideas belonging to those categories.

Our suggestion is to avoid naming multiple sub-categories with the same name as this could create confusion when using the filter. See below a short example of how the Categories could be structured.

  • Application

  • Submission Path

Depending on the automation ideas you want to see on the Automation Program page, you can filter by one or more submission paths.

  • Submitter's Business Unit

  • Phase

By default, all automations are displayed regardless of their current phase (except those in Rejected, Duplicate, or Archived status). The list can be filtered using the Filter button, and you can select the desired Phase and available Status.

To narrow down the list even more to the automations that are available for use, select the Live phase and In Production status from the Phase and Status filter options.

Requesting an Existing Automation

Click on the Request button from the automation profile page to express your intention in using the automation in your day-to-day work. As soon as you click Request, a pop-up containing a Thank you message is displayed. Next, an email is sent, and a task is generated for the Technical Reviewers to provide the automation you requested.

To find citizen developer automations that are not yet live, filter by Submission Path = Citizen Developer and select all phases and statuses except Live - In Production.

You will get a list with all the automations that have been approved in the Business Review phase. If any of these automations present interest for you, click on the Interested button to express your interest in using the automation in your day-to-day work when it becomes available.

  • Filtering
  • Requesting an Existing Automation
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