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Last updated Jun 27, 2024

Decision Pipeline

This is the place where assessed ideas and automations that have been reviewed in 'Qualification' or 'Technical Review' phases with the status 'Awaiting Review', 'Rework Required' or 'On Hold' can be moved to implementation. The Decision Pipeline enables the Program Manager or CoE Lead to make fast and consistent decisions about which ideas and automations go to implementation.

It also gives the Business Owners who finance the automation program, a graphic view of the assessed ideas and reviewed automations, and provides prioritization recommendations to support budget requests.


Depending on your needs, use the filters available at the top of the Decision Pipeline page in order to view only the information that interests you. Depending on the applied filters, the dashboards and tabular view are updated.

The top two dashboards provide a quick overview of the following criteria:

  1. The expected benefit of automating a certain process. This is expressed in the number of saved hours.
  2. The ease of implementing the ideas and automations.

Dashboards Representation

The Global Overview provides a view over the total number of ideas and automations and the hours expected to be saved based on the Ease of Implementation. The second dashboard provides granular details about the information displayed in Global Overview. When hovering over a colored bubble, a box is displayed showing the Idea/Automation Name, Hours Saved, idea Potential %, and Ease of Implementation %.

Tabular View

This area is displayed below the dashboards and provides the details of each assessed automation in a tabular format. These are bucketed by Cost-saving, Quality, and Productivity.

For each idea and automation the Program Manager can:

  • Approve the item and update its Development type to CoE or Citizen Development:

    • Approve for CoE and sent it to > Qualification Phase status Approved. A Project Manager needs to be assigned as a Collaborator in order to perform all the required actions for the Implementation phase. Both Ideas and Automations can be approved for CoE implementation.
    • Approve for Citizen Developer the Automations and sent it to > Development status Not Started. Any Citizen Development Power User can now access the Implementation view and choose the idea in order to further develop it.
  • Reject the idea or automation that will not be queued for implementation or development and change its status to Rejected.
  • Put on Hold the automation or idea in order to gather more information or discuss it at a later time.
  • Archive the automation or idea. This signifies that it will not be queued for implementation or development and will no longer appear on the Explore Automation Program page.
  • View Automation Profile by opening the Idea Profile page or Automation Profile Page. This page contains all the details of the idea/automation.
  • Quick View the idea/automation description, idea score, and general information in a pop-up page.
  • Delete the idea/automation in order to remove all its details from the platform.

    Note: The Program Manager can select multiple items to be bulk edited.
  • Dashboards Representation
  • Tabular View

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