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Last updated Jun 27, 2024

Manage Components

Note: This option may not be displayed if the Account Owner decides to switch it off from the Settings page. For details please check the Updating the Settings page.

For components to be published, they must undergo a curation process. Users with System Admin or Curator permissions are the ones that need to make sure each component contains all the necessary information, does what it says it does, and complies with the company’s policies.

To make the curation process easier, the following lists have been set up:

  • All: this is the default page containing all the components, regardless of their status.
  • Review: contains the components for which the curation process was started, but not finished yet. The status of these components is In review.
  • Submitted: contains the components waiting for the curation process to be initiated. The status of these components is Submitted.

Available Actions

For each component, you have a set of Actions available.

To access it, click the three-dotted icon corresponding to the component you are interested in.

Please find below the complete list of Actions:

Important: The displayed Action set is different depending on the component status.



Component Profile

Displays the component Complete Profile page.


Opens the component page in curation mode, and changes the status of the component to In Review.

Continue Curation

Open the component page in curation mode, allowing the user to continue the review process.


Changes the status of the component to Archived. This means the Component is no longer displayed in the Explorer Components page and in the producer's profile and also, it cannot be download anymore.

Archived components will still be displayed in My Components > Downloads list if they were downloaded before being Archived and also they will be displayed in the author's My Components > Uploads list.


There are two rejection types:

Permanently: the component is permanently rejected.

Needs Update: request the producer to update the component and re-upload it for curation.

Note: For both types, you need to enter a Rejection reason.


Changes the status of the component to Published. This signifies that it will be displayed in Explorer Components and the users can download it.


Available while accessing the Component Profile page in Curation mode. It allows you to save the progress made without changing the component status.


The option is available only for components regardless of their status and allows the System Admin to completely remove the component information from the tenant.

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