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Your information is stored securely at all times and accessible only to you. Automation Cloud includes the security and audit capabilities you need to simplify compliance with regulations.

Security Attestations

Automation Cloud has the following security assurances:





Veracode Verified Continuous

Shared first-party platform services (identity, routing, licensing, and others)
UiPath Orchestrator
UiPath Automation Hub
UiPath AI Center
UiPath Automation Ops
UiPath Apps
UiPath Action Center
UiPath Data Service
UiPath Task Mining
UiPath Insights


ISO/IEC 27001

Shared first-party platform services (identity, routing, licensing, and others)
UiPath Orchestrator
Automation Hub
AI Center


SOC 2 Type 1 *

Automation Hub
AI Center

SOC 2 Type 2 *

Shared first-party platform services (identity, routing, licensing, and others)
UiPath Orchestrator

* Our SOC 2 Type 2 report is only available under NDA. Contact your account team for details.


About the Attestations

UiPath often releases new cloud services in Automation Cloud, and particularly in the last year, as the offer has rapidly expanded since launch.
For SOC 2, the audit and attestation cycle implies undergoing a “point-in-time” attestation once a product is in production, which results in an SOC 2 Type 1 attestation. Later, it undergoes further periodic attestations for ongoing compliance, thus acquiring an SOC 2 Type 2 attestation.

An initial SOC 2 audit was completed for Automation Cloud in September 2020, resulting in a first SOC 2 Type 1 report. This report included the policies and operations leveraged by UiPath staff, the Orchestrator service, and common-use services such as licensing, identity, and the cloud portal, which all UiPath cloud services use.

Since then, UiPath has completed an SOC 2 Type 2 attestation for that initial scope of work.

Simultaneously, UiPath completed an SOC 2 Type 1 for two more services offered in Automation Cloud: AI Center and Automation Hub.

We anticipate UiPath's next SOC 2 Type 2 to include all services that have had an SOC 2 attestation so far. As UiPath creates additional services, they will be tested in future audit cycles and added to our future SOC 2 reports. We will continue the attestation cycle on an ongoing basis.

More information
In addition to attestations, UiPath can offer details on many operational and security practices under NDA for customer verification or for the security professionals of potential customers. To request details, contact your UiPath account team.


Authentication for Automation Cloud is performed via Auth0, enabling you to create an organization that users access through either basic authentication (any email address and password), or through their Microsoft, Google, or LinkedIn account.

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