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About organizations


Organizations are the highest level of structuring available in UiPath Automation Cloud. Every new signup for Automation Cloud creates an organization. You can sign up as an individual to try out our products, or as a company looking to leverage UiPath capabilities for your needs.

An Automation Cloud organization is available at a unique URL, such as

Organizations are identified by:

  • Their unique URL: The final part of the URL, myCompany in this example, is also known as the Account Logical Name. It is automatically derived from the Company Name you provided during signup, or from the First Name and Last name if a company name was not provided. It is generated with certain limitations, such as no Unicode characters, spaces, and it must be unique.
  • The organization name: The same Company Name you provided during signup, or your Last Name if a company name was not provided.
  • The organization's support ID: A unique ID is associated with each organization and is used to help identify an organization when working with UiPath - for example, when opening a Support ticket (Enterprise only).

Logging in

There are two ways to log in to your Automation Cloud organization:

  • You can log in to a specific organization by navigating directly to its unique URL (for example,
  • You can use the generic link, in which case you are either redirected to your organization, or you can choose one from a list of organizations, if you are a member of more than one organization:


Authentication for Automation Cloud is performed via Auth0. You can create your organization account using any email address or your existing Microsoft or Google accounts.
Your credentials are never stored in Automation Cloud.

Organization settings

The Organization Settings page displays all the relevant information about your organization.
You can view and change your organization settings if you have the organization administrator role.

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About organizations

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