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Automation Cloud Admin Guide
Last updated Apr 15, 2024

About Automation Cloud

UiPath® Automation Cloud™ is our cloud-based Enterprise SaaS solution, ready to provision and use immediately, which helps you manage all your automation work and resources in one place. It enables you to deploy, operate, and scale your robotic factory in just a few seconds. Manage your licenses, add multiple tenants with different services, manage user access for all these services, access Orchestrator services to create Robots, environments, machines, processes, run jobs, create schedules - practically do anything you need, all from one centralized, secure location on the cloud.

UiPath Automation Cloud caters to both community and enterprise users. Use it to get from concept to production deployment in days, from automation newbie to large deployments in weeks.

Sign up for an Automation Cloud account and watch the video below to get an overview of its capabilities.

Key Benefits

Easy, frictionless startup experience: Just sign in to your cloud account, pick a URL, and access Orchestrator’s power instantly, no setup whatsoever. As an Enterprise customer, you are no longer required to download the .msi package and install Orchestrator, having to go through the installation instructions.

Lower costs, no IT required: As an enterprise, you no longer have to invest in a dedicated IT infrastructure for automation, hence lowering your total cost of ownership. We perform all the installations, setups, and other configurations for your services. No need to dedicate ongoing IT efforts to manage on-premises Orchestrator servers.

Collaboration: Teamwork gets the job done quicker and better. Work together with your colleagues by inviting them to join your cloud account, then manage their access rights for each service.

Start your production faster: After you have prototyped your initial automation in UiPath Studio and they are ready to move to production, you can simply deploy them into the cloud and start production.

Automatic license activation: Orchestrator licensing is activated automatically by UiPath when signing up for a specific licensing plan. Robots & Studio are automatically licensed once connected to services in UiPath Automation Cloud. If you need more robot licenses (runtimes) or a renewal, you just click a button and our Sales team will reach out to you.

License usage at a glance: Valuable telemetry is accessible both per account and per service, displaying information like your license usage trend, the distribution of licenses per Robot type or Robot usage trend per service.

Scale easily as you grow: Request as many licenses as you need. Our team will grant you the necessary assistance, and enable you to seamlessly scale up. Simplify IT involvement when you need to scale your orchestration capabilities. Create your tenants and services with just a few clicks.

Instant access to new functionalities: New, innovative functionalities and products are instantly accessible to you from within your cloud account. We took over the task of upgrading your services to the newest release.

Check for changes: Keep track of what’s happening in your organization with audit logs for all organization changes.


First of all, you need UiPath Studio. If you haven’t installed it yet, access the Resource Center page in Automation Cloud.

The Resource Center includes download links and documentation links for the UiPath ecosystem.

  • Key Benefits

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