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Last updated Jun 11, 2024

Idle Trigger


Important: The Idle Trigger activity must be placed inside a .

Use this activity to perform various operations while your system is in an idle state.

Configure your trigger to execute after a specified amount of time passes since the system enters idle mode.

The idle mode means there is no interaction with the machine through an input device, such as a keyboard or a mouse.



The property in this category refers to common activity settings.

  • DisplayName (String) - Sets the name for this activity. For example, "Save files after 10 minutes in idle".
  • Idle Delay (Int32) - Sets the number of seconds the system must remain idle before executing the actions defined inside the trigger. Accepts minimum 5, maximum 3,600 seconds.


    Actions do not execute if your device enters sleep mode or shuts down before the idle period ends.

    After executing the actions, the trigger restarts counting down the idle delay. Every time the idle delay interval is exceeded, the trigger executes the actions.

  • Private (Boolean) - To skip generating data logs for this activity, check this box. By default, the checkbox is cleared (set to false).
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