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Last updated Nov 24, 2023

Release Notes


Release Date: 09 January 2023

New features and improvements

  • A new type of monitoring joins the performance triggers pack: find out how to configure and interpret the results of the new Network performance trigger.
  • Put your robots to work even when you leave your workstation. Use the new Idle trigger and set up activities to run after a period of device inactivity.


Release Date: 02 May 2022

Having many applications running can reduce the overall performance of your system.

Support your system and start monitoring the resource consumption with the help of our new activity called Performance trigger, part of the UiPath.DesktopTriggers.Activities pack.

Use this activity to monitor your system and see which processes consumes the most CPU, memory, or disk. Configure triggers that activate when a specific limit is surpassed, and set up actions to stop the resource-intensive process, thus relieving the performance pressure faced by your machine.

There are many configuring options available, including monitoring processes that require privileged access, all for a better operational environment.

  • V1.0.2
  • V1.0.1
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