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Last updated Jun 11, 2024

For Each Managed Policy



Performs an activity or a series of activities on each managed policy in the current AWS account that matches the filter criteria.

Project compatibility

Windows - Legacy | Windows | Cross-platform


  • PolicyPathPrefix - The path prefix to filter by. If not set, it returns all policies.
  • PolicyUsage - The policy usage method to filter by. This is effective only if the OnlyAttached parameter is set to True.
  • OnlyAttached - Filter the results to only the attached managed policies.
  • Scope - The scope to use for filtering the results. To retrieve only AWS managed policies, select AWS. To retrieve only customer managed policies, select Local.
  • IncludeVersions - Indicates whether the results should include information about the versions of a managed policy.
  • RetrieveTags - Indicates whether to retrieve the tags attached to the managed policy.
  • Index - A zero-based index that specifies which element of the current collection is being iterated.
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