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Last updated Nov 24, 2023

Create Volume



Creates a storage volume inside Elastic Block Storage in AWS.

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Windows | Cross-platform


  • Availability Zone - The Availability Zone in which to create the volume. After you create the volume, you can only attach it to the instances that are in the same Availability Zone. This field accepts String input.

  • Volume Type - The type of a storage volume. Options available in the dropdown list: Gp2, Gp3, Io1, Io2, Sc1, St1, Standard.

  • Size - The size of the volume in GiB. This field accepts Int32 input.


  • Snapshot ID - The ID of the snapshot used to create the volume. This field accepts String input.

  • Encryption - Indicates whether to encrypt the volume. Amazon EBS encryption is an encryption solution for your EBS volumes and it uses AWS KMS key to encrypt volumes. Boolean value. Default value is False.

  • Tags - The tags to associate with the volume. It shall contain two columns of type String, the first one representing the key, and the second its value. This field accepts DataTable input.
    Note: For example, a DataTable object can be easily created with the Build Data Table activity.


  • Volume - The details of the newly created volume stored in an AWSEBSVolume output variable.

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