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Last updated Jun 11, 2024

Create Role



Creates a new IAM role for the current AWS account.

Project compatibility

Windows - Legacy | Windows | Cross-platform


  • AssumeRolePolicyDocument - The trust relationship policy document that grants an entity permission to assume the IAM role.
  • Description - The description of the IAM role.
  • MaxSessionDuration - The maximum session duration (in seconds) for the IAM role. If not set, it defaults to one hour (3600 seconds).
  • Name - The name of the IAM role to create. The name must be unique within the AWS account.
  • Path - The path to the IAM role. If not set, it defaults to a slash (/).
  • PermissionsBoundaryArn- The ARN of the policy used to set the permissions boundary for the IAM role.
  • Tags - The tags to associate with the IAM role. It contains two columns of type String, the first one representing the key, and the second, its value.
  • Role - The details about the newly created IAM role.
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