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Last updated Jun 11, 2024

Detach Volume From Instance



Detaches an EBS volume from a given instance.

Project compatibility

Windows | Cross-platform


  • Volume - The volume which needs to be detached. This field accepts AWSEBSVolume input.
  • Instance - The instance from which volume needs to be detached. This field accepts AWSEc2Instance input.


  • Force Detach - Indicates whether to force the detachment. Boolean value. Default value is False.

    Note: Force detachment if the previous detachment attempt did not occur cleanly (for example, logging into an instance, unmounting the volume, and detaching normally). This option can lead to data loss or a corrupted file system. Use this option only as a last resort to detach a volume from a failed instance. The instance won't have an opportunity to flush file system caches or file system metadata. If you use this option, you must perform file system check and repair procedures. For more information on detaching volumes, see the official AWS documentation here and here.
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