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Last updated Jun 27, 2024

Installing CData Sync

Installing CData Sync

For information on installing and running CData Sync, refer to the official CData Sync - Getting Started documentation.

For more information on system requirements for CData Sync, refer to the official CData Sync - Installation and Configuration documentation.


To install CData Sync, you need a valid license. The license is provided via UiPath® for the purpose of Process Mining.

If you already have a previous version of CData Sync installed, it is recommended to uninstall the previous version first. Any defined jobs/connections will be retained.

Follow these steps to install CData Sync.

  1. Download the CData Sync Windows installer (setup.exe) using the following link: CData Sync Windows 24.1.8885.
  2. Run the downloaded setup.exe and accept the default settings.

    If CData Sync is not started automatically in the last step of the installation, CData Sync can be reached at http://localhost:8181/.

  3. Enter a password for the admin user.

After successful installation of CData Sync:

  • Create a user account for each developer.
  • Set up CData Sync to run as a service, to make sure CData Sync automatically starts up when booting the machine. Refer to the official CData Sync documentation for more information on how to run CData Sync as a service.

To set up an extraction using CData Sync, check out Loading data using CData Sync.


You can transfer a CData Sync license from one machine to another. See the official CData Sync documentation for more information.

  • Installing CData Sync

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