Process Mining
Prerequisites - Automation Suite 2023.4
Process Mining
Last updated Oct 26, 2023


Note: The information in the guide is only applicable for DataBridgeAgent 22.4.1 or higher.

It is assumed that you have:

  • a connector .mvp file. If the .mvp is dependent on files in the server data or on files in the workspace, these should also be added to DataBridgeAgent.

    • Server data files you should put in the server data directory.
    • Workspace data you should put next to the .mvp.
  • a Process Mining on-premises (standalone) installation to:

    • determine the application code of module of the connector. See Modules. The application code must be specified in the connectorModule field in the datarun.json file. See Step 4 in the table below.
    • verify that the connector is set up correctly, i.e. the correct tables are set to be an output table.
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