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Last updated Jun 27, 2024


DataBridgeAgent is a standalone package that can be used to extract data from your source system to Microsoft SQL Server for use in Process Mining. It contains the UiPath Process Mining on-premises (standalone) build and the on-premises (standalone) .mvp connector used to prepare the dataset. Currently, the following on-premises (standalone) connectors are included in DataBridgeAgent:
If you want to use your own custom .mvp connector, you can add it to DataBridgeAgent. In this case, you need to configure DataBrigdeAgent for use with your connector. See Adding a Custom Connector to DataBridgeAgent.

DataBridgeAgent automatically converts input field names to lowercase and special characters to underscores. If you use DataBridgeAgent to load data, make sure to edit the transformations of your process app and set all input fields to lowercase. For example:

{{ pm_utils.to_varchar('Cases_base_raw."Case_ID"') }} as "Case_ID", must be changed to

{{ pm_utils.to_varchar('Cases_base_raw."case_id"') }} as "Case_ID",.

Difference from an on-premises (standalone) installation

DataBridgeAgent is different from an on-premise (standalone) installation since it:

  • is a command-line tool, and therefore does not have a user interface;
  • does not require a separate license;
  • does not require IIS.

    Note: The DataBridgeAgent already includes the connectors. You do not need to download and deploy the connector itself.
  • Difference from an on-premises (standalone) installation

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