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Last updated 2024年4月1日

Passports - ML Package


The Passports OOB Skill is a pretrained model build to recognize and extract information from passports and related documents such as Visas, Diplomatic Passports, Military Passports issued by different countries.


The model automatically detects data such as:

  • Last Name, First Name, Nationality, Date of Birth, Birth Place, Sex,
  • Passport Number, Issuing Authority, State.
Note: For the complete list of extracted fields, check the Out-of-the-box Models Details file.


Here is a sample of a passport:

Processed Document Types:

This out-of-the-box pre-trained model can be used with the following document types:

  • Passports
  • Diplomatic Passports
  • Military Passports
  • Visas
  • Overview
  • Particularities
  • Samples
  • Processed Document Types:

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