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Create Instance


Creates a new instance.



  • DisplayName - The display name of the activity.


  • EnableHibernation - Specifies if hibernation should be enabled or not for this instance. The default value is False.
  • ImageId - Specifies the ID of the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that needs to be used when creating the instance. This field supports only strings and String variables.
  • InstanceType - Specifies the instance type. This field supports only strings and String variables.
  • ShutdownBehavior - Indicates the instance behavior when an OS shutdown is performed. The possible values are Stop and Terminate. The default value is Stop.
  • Tags - Specifies the tags that need to be associated with the instance. It contains two columns, the first one representing the key, and the second one its value.


  • IAMRole - Specifies if the IAM role has the required permissions for joining the domain.


  • AvailabilityZone - Specifies the availability zone where the instance is to be launched. This field supports only strings and String variables.
  • InstanceName - Specifies the name of the instance.
  • Timeout - Specifies how long to wait for the activity to run before an error is thrown. If a value is not set, then the activity runs until completed. Taken into consideration only when the WaitForCompletion parameter is set as True.
  • WaitForCompletion - When it has the value True, waits for the activity to be completed before moving to the next activity. When the value is False, the activity ends immediately after the API call is made. The default value is True.

Key Pair

  • KeyPairName - Indicates the name of an existing key pair needed for connecting to the instance securely. You need to have access to the private key file (.pem).


  • Private - If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.


  • AutoAssignPublicIPv4Address - Indicates if the instance receives a public IPv4 address. Override the subnet's default setting by selecting one of the Enable or Disable options. The possible values are UseSubnetSettings, Enable, and Disable. The default value is Disabled.
  • SubnetId - Specifies the ID of the subnet in which the instance is running. This field supports only strings and String variables.


  • Instance - Provides details about the newly created instance.

Security Groups

  • SecurityGroupsIds - Specifies the security groups of the instance.

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Create Instance

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