Process Mining
Process Mining
Last updated 2024年6月11日

Automation Cloud TM中启用服务


要开始在Automation Cloud TM中使用 Process Mining,您必须在选定的云租户上启用 Process Mining 服务。

下面概述了使用 Process Mining (Cloud) 的最低要求。

启用 Process Mining 服务的先决条件

访问Automation Cloud TM

要开始使用 Process Mining 服务,您需要一个Automation Cloud TM帐户。

有关更多详细信息,请参阅关于 Automation Cloud

注意: 有关适用于所有 Automation Cloud TM 服务的先决条件,请参阅 软件要求 。


The Process Mining service that allows you to manage and set up process apps, must be enabled on each of the tenants where the Process Mining service will be used.

有关 Automation Cloud TM 租户的更多详细信息,请参阅 关于 租户。

Note: Process Mining is a tenant-level service signifying that each tenant's data is segregated. This means that you need to enable the service for each of the tenants where this is needed.

When accessing the newly created/updated tenant, the Process Mining service is displayed on the left-hand side panel.

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