Process Mining
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Process Mining
Last updated 2024年5月16日

Run the job

Follow these steps to run the extraction job.

  1. Click on JOBS in the menu bar and locate the extraction job created.
  2. Click on the Run all queries icon. See the illustration below.

  3. Wait until the job has finished. Depending on the amount of data, this can take several minutes.
  4. Once the extraction job has completed, the status "Transforming data" is displayed in the app overview the Process Mining portal.

    You can monitor the progress in the log. See Viewing logs.

Scheduling jobs

If you want to run the extraction job on a regular interval, you can use the CData Sync Scheduler to define a schedule.

Follow these steps to schedule an extraction job.

1Open the CData Sync extraction job created in Creating a job.
2Go to the Schedule tab in the Job Settings panel.

Refer to the official CData Sync documentation for more information on how to schedule jobs.

  • Scheduling jobs

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