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About the Excel Activities Pack

The Excel activities package aids users to automate all aspects of Microsoft Excel, as we know it is an application intensely used by many in all types of businesses.

It contains activities that enable you to read information from a cell, columns, rows or ranges, write to other spreadsheets or workbooks, execute macros, and even extract formulas. You can also sort data, color code it or append additional information.

The activities grouped under the System chapter can be executed even if Microsoft Excel is not installed on the machine and can only read/write data to and from the file, whereas the ones under the App Integration chapter require the app on the machine on which they run.

For large and complex spreadsheets that span over a great number of rows and columns, we recommend using the activities grouped under the App Integration chapter as these activities automate Excel and offer full power and consistency.



The UiPath.Excel.Activities pack is compatible with the following Microsoft Excel versions:
Office 365

All the activities in the latter category have to be included in Excel Application Scope to work, apart from the CSV ones. Starting with version 2.10.4 of the Excel activities pack, these activities can also be included in the Use Excel File activity.

Dedicated activities enable you to work with .csv files, while all the others work with .xlsx and .xls. The ones that only work with Excel Application Scope can also work with .xlsm files.

The StudioX chapter includes activities found in the UiPath.Excel.Activities pack that are designed for use in StudioX projects. To find out more about working with Excel activities in StudioX, see Excel Automation in the StudioX guide. StudioX activities can also be used in the Studio profile by selecting the Show StudioX filter in the Activities panel.

Troubleshooting and Limitations



The old Excel Binary File Format (.XLS) specific to Microsoft Excel 95 is not supported by the Excel Activities Pack.

  • When you use activities that read, copy, or append ranges, please note that if a cell contains formatting information, Excel considers that cell as containing data, even though it appears empty.
  • Please note that the Microsoft Office 2016 version 1708 (Build 8431.2079) changes the window title of files that are being edited and saved from "FileName.xlsx - Excel" to "FileName.xlsx - Saved". After closing the file, the filename reverts to normal.
    This may cause some problems if your automation project uses selectors which contain the window title. For example, the following selector no longer works if your Excel version is the previously mentioned one: <wnd app='excel.exe' cls='XLMAIN' title='FileName.xlsx - Excel' /> <wnd cls='EXCEL7' title='FileName.xlsx' />. To prevent this issue, we recommend using a dynamic variable selector.

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About the Excel Activities Pack

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