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Use Profile Execution to identify performance issues in workflow executions.

How it works

When you run or debug a workflow, Profile Execution provides a performance analysis of all the operations, showing you a cumulative percentage of the execution time of each activity.



  • Profiling data generated during debugging might be different from data generated during production (running the file).
  • The data is stored for each session in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\UiPath\ProfiledRuns (see Import previous profiling sessions).

Analyzing profiling results

To profile an execution, run a file or debug the file, then go to the Debug ribbon tab.

Make sure that your automation works correctly without slow performing workflows. If you identify potential flow issues, you can review workflows that take longer to be completed. Use the context menu for profiling to take actions.

The Execution Details at the bottom of the Profiling tab shows the number of executions and descriptive statistics such as the average duration and the minimum and maximum duration values.


Import profiling session

You can import profiling sessions to examine previous runs. Focus is disabled on imported profiling sessions.

Context menu for profiling

OpenRight-click the parent file in the Profiling tab and select Open to jump to the selected workflow.
FocusRight-click an activity and select Focus to center the Designer panel view on the selected activity.
SearchUse the search function to look for specific activities.
Expand/Collapse AllUse Expand All and Collapse All to bring to view or collapse all activities.

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Ausführungsprofil erstellen

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