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Last updated 2024年2月8日

UI Automation

UI automation refers to the automation of desktop applications and web browsers. It can replicate clicking and typing in various user interface elements such as buttons, check boxes, text boxes, or drop-down lists. Knowing how to interact with them enables you to design automations much faster and easier. With StudioX, you can create automations with UI elements from most applications using application or web activities.

Note: StudioX offers deep integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook 365, Gmail, and the file system. Use the dedicated activities when automating Excel, Mail, Word, PowerPoint and file and folder operations. To automate the interface of Excel or PowerPoint, simply place UIAutomation activities inside a Use Excel File or Use PowerPoint File activity.

All interactions with the UI can be split into input (sending or adding something to the application) and output (getting something from the application). Clicking a button and typing text in a text box are examples of input actions. Getting the text from a browser page is an example of an output action.

StudioX comes with activities that help you automate most common UI interactions. The first step in automating UI interactions is to define the desktop application or web page to interact with by adding a Use Application/Browser activity. You then add the activities to automate in that application or web page inside the Use Application/Browser activity.

You can automate the interface of Excel and PowerPoint by placing UIAutomation activities directly inside a Use Excel File or Use PowerPoint File activity just like you would in a Use Application/Browser activity.

To speed up the process, you can use the App/Web Recorder that automatically generates activities by capturing your actions on the screen.

To learn how to work with UI automation, see the following tutorials:

The following application / web activities are available in StudioX:

For information on automating SAP applications, see the Studio guide.

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