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About Resource Center

The Resource Center page, accessible through the menu item with the same name, is built to be your one-stop place for all automation related download and documentation needs. It provides you with links for the newest UiPath Studio/StudioX install packages, documentation guides, Robot provisioning solution, and complementary UiPath apps.


All users, regardless of their role within the Automation Cloud organization, can access the Resource Center page.

The page is split into two sections: Download Studio/StudioX and Resource Links.

Download Studio/StudioX

This section contains basic information about your available download options for UiPath Studio/StudioX.

If you haven't installed it yet, if you have an older version, or if you've just upgraded your plan from Community to Enterprise, download Studio/StudioX by clicking on the corresponding button:

  • Download (Preview) (in the Preview tab) - this action results in the immediate download of the UiPathStudio.exe installer package available within our latest Community Edition Preview version, containing the latest updates, usually once every 2 months.
  • Download (Stable) (in the Stable tab) - this action results in the immediate download of the UiPathStudio.exe installer package available within our latest Community Edition Stable version, updated twice a year, before releasing Enterprise major versions and patches.
  • Download Enterprise - this action results in the immediate download of the latest UiPathStudio.msi installer package available within our latest Enterprise Edition, updated twice a year not counting patches.

Check out the information published for each of our releases, clicking View release notes next to the chosen version. You are redirected either to UiPath Forum for Community Edition, or to UiPath Release Notes for Enterprise Edition. Take your time and read what each release brings you, so you can make the best decision.

Click Copy Link next to the desired Studio version to copy the corresponding download link to your clipboard. Use this link when you wish to start your download.

For Enterprise Edition, you can view the list of all our supported Studio versions that are available for download. Click Show other versions to display the list. For each Studio version, you can start downloading its installer package, or copy its download link. Collapse the list by clicking Hide other versions.

After the desired Studio installer package is downloaded, install it according to your needs.

Resource Links

This section contains a series of resource links that ease your automation work. The links are grouped in the following categories:

The categories are expandable/collapsible from the down/up arrow button next to each of them. Expanding a category results in collapsing all other categories. Guides is expanded by default.

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About Resource Center

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